"It's nothing to do with me."

          Cog Kleinschmidt
          16 |  June 21st  | 

Cog is the resident artisan in Mercia Fortress who makes a living off doing odd jobs, such as fixing things and repairing machines. He has rebuilt his life there after the sudden death of his father and sister, and lives happily with his best friend Boris, and his unofficial guardian, Christian. 
Cog is apathetic about most things that don’t involve him. While he is aware that terrible things are happening between the two nations, he secludes himself to the fortress with Christian and Boris, assuring himself that it’s nothing to do with him - that it’s too big for him to understand.

Not for long, at least.

"The world will be better off when Arcadia is wiped off the map."

          Boris Dareaurum Eberhart V
          18 |  March 24th  |  

Boris is Cog’s best friend, and next in line to rule the Empire of Mercia. While he enjoys playing his role up as the Prince of Mercia, the truth is he has very little to do until the throne is ready for him. As a result, many of Boris’ days are spent in Cog and Christian’s company. Boris is hot headed and snappy, but he harbors an unwavering love for his people, and will do everything in his power to keep them from harm. 

"But hey - I'm so proud of you, you hear?"

          Christian Vogal
          30 |  February 14th  |  

Christian is a professor, the leader of Mercia Fortress’ Science Department, and Cog’s unofficial guardian. Originally from Arcadia, Christian relocated to Mercia at the age of 22. While Christian’s specialization as a chemist is not funded particularly well by the fortress, he makes up for those fall-backs with his own extensive research, and with his copious amounts of spare time partakes in “revolutionary” experiments. They may or may not have burned holes through desks. And floors.

"It is high time you learned your place."

          Alexander de Leveque
          28 |  December 21st  |  

Alexander is Arcadia’s ambassador, to be dispatched to other countries as an envoy of peace when tensions grow strong. As the final member of House Leveque, one of Arcadia’s most prestigious families, Alexander is a very proud man who longs to do his part in Arcadian history. He strives to protect his kingdom, and help restore Arcadia to a semblance of its a former glory - an illustrious kingdom that does not know fear.
Alexander would willingly lay his life down for his kingdom and its royal family, although it seems his time is running out …

"Owner of the world's finest airship - and the world's most handsome face."

          Leonardo van Ostrand
          36 |  August 1st  |  

Leonardo is Arcadia’s Admiral. Born in the icy north of Arcadia, Leonardo’s family moved to Khonsur once tensions began rising in the kingdom. However, Leonardo frequently returned as he grew older, opting to help solve Arcadia’s problems rather than run from them. He uses his high status to set a good example for hybrids, and to hopefully expel any myths about his race. 
Leonardo has a protective streak a mile wide, often advising “certain artisans” to keep their noses out of trouble and let adults handle it. While he means well, Leonardo can also be rather condescending in his attempts to keep people safe. His ego compels him to assure others to leave things to “the professionals”.

"Business or pleasure?"

            Ringleader Gaz
            ?? |  ????????  |   ?

Gaz lords over Arcadia's homeless citizens, who reside in the Catacombs beneath the city itself. No one really knows where he came from or why he devotes his life to helping the poor and the downtrodden, but he enjoys his work. Gaz gets them jobs the only way he knows how – blackmailing aristocrats and forcing them to hire his people.

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