posted Feb.08.17 at 09:00 pm

Feb 15th Update:

"Chikuto!" I hear you cry, "where is the update? Chapter 3 updates have been very inconsistent so far!"

They sure have! And it's only fair that I talk about it.

As some of you know, I started on antidepressants as chapter 2 ended, and took quite a long hiatus to let all that anti-depressant goodness get into my brain and work its magic. Good news, they're working! Bad news, I felt very bad about not working on Clockwork and leaving people in the dust, as well as a combined "if I don't update regularly people won't read CW anymore and I'll be out on the streets drawing people for pennies oh noooo".

So I may have dove into Chapter 3 a little too soon. A huge part of the hiatus was struggling with the script for chapter 3, and amid the mental battle of "nooo I want people to keep enjoying Clockwork" and a fear of losing readers, I guess I grit my teeth and started it before it was ready. 

So! Hopefully that explains the sporadic updates. I'm not just gonna leave it at that though - I'm going to work very hard to get the chapter 3 script sorted properly in the coming week, and FINGERS CROSSED - we will have consistent updates from now on. Because those of you who stick around are very patient and understanding, and I couldn't ask for a nicer reader base <3

I hope you all look forward to the rest of Chapter 3!