Posted March 27, 2019 at 08:32 am

Remember when this comic updated on wendesdays, lets get back to that!

Aughhh it's been a rough week, I've been so ill. I don't even have words in my brain right now. I'm like this close to coughing up something I ate 5 years ago. So I guess I'll just ramble a little.

I'm glad this scene is done, it was like 7 pages? That's like almost a third of the whole chapter so far! There's only 2 scenes left in chapter 3, and then we'll move onto chapter 4 after a hiatus so I can actually y'know, storyboard it. Being your own writer/storyboarder/lineartist/flat colours/toucher-upper(???) is hard work! Let us hope I am good at at least one of those things. 

I do worry about the future of Clockwork. All of those things are very hard work by myself and I only ever seem to get more and more ill. But I will continue to work hard, because its the story I love, and it's the story I want to tell. I hope chapter 4 will be a lot smoother when all is said and done.

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