Chapter 3 - Page 33 - END
Posted August 25, 2019 at 05:06 pm

And that's chapter 3 over! Only took uhhh 2 and a half years! Boy depression is a bitch!

I sure have been dealing with a lot the past couple of years, but I always used Clockwork as a point on the horizon to keep heading toward, even when I didn't want to, or felt like I couldn't possibly keep going. I definitely didn't expect this chapter to take so long. In a way, it's also closing a chapter of my life - a rough and dark time where I kept dragging myself forward and hoping for the best. It also serves as proof that I can keep overcoming these things and do what I want, if I want it enough. 

It will be a while until chapter 4 - I'm not going into it unprepared. I work on this alone, after all! Until then, I hope you will continue to support me and Clockwork! Thank you very much for reading!

Please leave a comment below! It makes my day to read them! <3


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